Links Page

When you have your own website, you will get emails from all kinds of Search Engine Optimization companies requesting a link to their site on yours, and they will promise you a link back to your site. Some feel as if this will increase your ranking in the search engines. We say that it doesn't matter how people find your site - targeted traffic is a good thing.

However it can be very tedious to update your links page manually. RISE to the rescue! 

When someone wants a link from your site, they can go to the links page and click "Click here to add your travel link" and fill out a form with all appropriate information.  The system will verify that they are a legitimate person and email  you to let you know that there's a link request.  You can approve, reject or modify the link and place it online.

RISE includes a powerful Link Manager that you can use to manage your links. Once a link has been added to your site you can change or delete it at any time.